One Piece 227 Unsolved Mysteries and Questions Without Answers

One Piece 227 Unsolved Mysteries and Questions Without Answers

One Piece 227 Unsolved Mysteries and Questions Without Answers

It was a long month, wasn't it, guys? To resume the return of One Piece ( and now that we are in the final stretch ), one piece gifts read the whole manga this sabbatical month and we brought all the mysteries and unanswered questions that we look forward to. Of course it had to be 227!!! I bet you will check this post every time something is revealed. I thank the brothers of the Straw Hats for some questions!
Well, let the heads start working and you can leave the missing mysteries in the comments. Tell me the question that made you more busy? Do you already know the answer? Which one will speak, “ Nothing to see, 27! ” Let's go!!!

1st – What is One Piece?

2nd – What is the meaning of D? What is the determination of D?


3rd – How was the Red Line created? Has she always been like this?

4th – Where and how did Akuma no Mis come about?

5th – Does All Blue exist? How is he?


6th – Who were Nami's parents?

7th – Why did you have a war in the Kingdom of Oykot in East Blue where Belelmere fought and saved Nami and Nojiko?

8th – Will Gin buy his promise to meet Luffy again on the Gran Line? Will Don Krieg be with him?


9th – What is the hidden meaning of speech and Woop Slap about Luffy by Mayor Woop Slap, who says that Luffy becoming a pirate is the “ destination ”? And will he be relevant in Luffy's past?


10th – Where is Morgan Handshake?


11th – What is Arlong's whereabouts?

12th – What is Kuro's whereabouts?

13th – What is Mihawk's link to Shanks? What happened in their past?

14th – Will Chopper be able to cure all diseases in the world? Will he ever cure Wano Country disease?

15th – Why did the Blackbeard Pirates attack Drum's Kingdom?

16th – Why has Dr. Kureha lived so long? Did she receive Perennial Surgery?

17th – How does Dr Kureha know about “ Will of D ”? Was she a pirate or someone important in the past?


18o – Objects that “ eat ” an Akuma no Mi. How do they eat them?

19th – Oda will reveal which are the 5 species that can fly? Are they just the Tori Tori type in Mi?

20o – What is the meaning of the Ponelyph River?

21st – Who is Willie Gallon?


22o – Where is the City of Emeralds, mentioned by Bellamy in Jaya?


23o – Whose photo is Sanji's wife at sea? What was the crew of that boat that fell from the island of heaven looking for 200 years ago?

24th – What did Luffy and Zoro mean about Blackbeard in Jaya saying “ Are they ”?


25th – Will we ever understand these Enel drawings?

26th – Where is Pico Highwest? The highest place on the Grand Line, which is the 2nd way to get to Skypiea. Will this path be used correctly by the Clown Hats?


27th – How did the people of Jaya 400 years ago ( Shandias ) get wings?

28th – What were those “ Space Pirates ” who appeared on the moon?


29th – Dr Tsukimi-san, who created Automatas, will be explained in the future with the secrets of the moon?


30o – What are the automatons found on the moon by Enel?

31st – How will Enel return? Where will it be?

32o – What is the relationship between the moon and One Piece?

33o – Since we know about the God of the Sun, who will be the Gods of Rain, Forest and Earth mentioned in Skypiea?


34th – What is the whereabouts of Foxy and his pack?

35o – What did Roger mean by “ I will not die, partner ... ”?

36th – What is Silver Rayleigh's reward?

37th – What happened to Rayleigh being saved by Hachan from a shipwreck?


38th – What is Shakki's past?

39o – What is Akuma in Mi do Dragon?

40o – How was the Revolutionary Army founded? How did he meet Ivankov and Kuma?

41o – What is Dragon's reward?

42o – Will we have the flashback of Luffy's Family?

43o – Who was the traitor to the Revolutionaries who revealed the basis of the Revolutionaries?


44o – Will the planets with multiple moons be explained in Ohara's library?

45th – Who is Nico Robin's father?


46o – Jaguar D. Saul is at least a different race than the other D. What is the explanation for this? Could it be a D not being family?

47o – What did the big hole in Enies Lobby do? The chasm under Ennies Lobby. The ocean is pierced by a gigantic empty hole, in which an island rises in an impressive way.

48th – What is the name of the Ancient Kingdom defeated by the 20 nations? How did the leaders later become Tenryubitos?

49th – The fight between Shanks and Blackbeard, which caused Shanks to heal. When and how did Teach make that scar?

50o – Why is it always day in Ennies Lobby?

51st – Who is Franky's pirate father? Your parents are from South Blue.


52o – What is the mystery of the Lost Century?

53o – Is the captain of the Rumbar Pirates, Yorki, really dead?

54th – Which pirates killed Brook's crew?

55th – From which kingdom was Brook the leader of the Battle squad?


56o – What is the meaning of the song “ Binks no Sake ”? Who composed this song?

57o – What is the creature that appeared in the Triangle Florian?

58o – Which race is Gecko Moriah from?

59th – Captain John's treasure. Does it really exist and will Buggy be able to find it?


60o – Will we see the Ice Country where Oars was frozen for 500 years?

61o – What is the Crocodile secret mentioned by Ivankov?


62o – What is Akuma's name in Mi do Laffite?

63o – How do you Awake an Akuma no Mi?

64th – How Roger met Portgas D. Rouge?

65th – Why is there a war after finding One Piece?


66o – Why do D always die smiling?

67th – Why is the World Government governed by the Tenryubitos even though they are weak?

68o – The bridge in Tequila Wolf, which has been under construction for 700 years. Currently, criminals and people against the government are being sent to build this bridge
that it should connect all the islands, but that in fact leads nowhere.

69th – Shiki, the Golden Lion. Will he show up again?

70o – What is the reason why Kuma offered to become a “ Human Weapon ”?

71o – What is the whereabouts of Oars Jr?

72o – Why did the World Government want Bonney so much?


73o – Who is the father of Makino's son?


74o – What was that “ flying island ” that pulled the Pirates Firetanks' boat? ( Chapter 594 )

75o – Why is Zoro scarred? What happened to him to have this? Will it do for something?

76o – What is Mihawk's past? Why was he a Sailor Hunter? What motivated you to be a pirate? Why is his eye different from others in the entire series?

77o – What is the real reason why Kuma protected Sunny for 2 years?

78th – The Dojo dos Tritões was widely spoken on the Isle of Tritões, but one day Oda will show it?

79o – Why is the Noah boat considered Joy Boy's “ promise ”? Noah the ark of promises. Located in the depths of the sea near the Island of Tritões., It is the largest ship ever seen and was designed to be towed by the Kings of the Seas. Joyboy promised to use Poseidon to bring the ark to the surface.


80o – What are the entities mentioned by Reis dos Mares on Ilha dos Tritões?


81o – What will Luffy's prophecy be like that he would destroy the Island of Tritons? How will he burn this island?

82o – How is Pluton? See what he looks like.

83o – What is Uranus? See what he looks like.

84th – Who was Joyboy? What was your role in the world, how does it relate to “ D ”?

85o – “ Eva ”, the sun tree. How is she?


86o – Adam ”, the treasure tree. What is her connection with Eva?


87o – Where is the island of dreams “ Nakrowa ”? wanted by the Saruyama Alliance? Does it really exist and will it ever be found?


88th – Why did Joy Boy make an apology letter to the Princess Mermaid of the time?


89o – Who is the man Crocus met?

90o – What is Urouge's past? Your motivations?

91o – Who is the person who Caribou wants to tell the secrets?


92o – What is the secret of the Straw Hat that passed from Roger, Shanks and Luffy?

93o – Who else used Straw Hat?

94o – Why do New World whales also have scars? Why do they hit their heads on the Red Line?

95o – Is there anyone from Brokers ( Merchants ) who will be relevant in the story not yet presented? Will any of those already shown still be relevant in history?

96o – Why is the Oars breed considered “ Ancient Giants? Why did they have experiments by ancient giants in Punk Hazard? Gigantification?

97th – Who played a role in Chopper in Punk Hazard? In the anime “ it appeared ” that it was Law, but it was never explained.


98o – What is the purpose of having Ancetral Weapons?

99o – How is it possible for Akuma no Mis to be reborn?

100o – What did Tiger witness to invade Mary Geoise? Which Tenryubito did he hit? Will we have flashback to that? Which demons inhabited his heart?


101o – What was the first Vander Decken like? How was your past?

102o – What is Mary Geoise's National Treasury? Be it the giant straw hat or Imu-sama, which would shake the whole world.


103o – Who was the person who used Perennial Surgery ” with Ope Ope no Mi in the past?


104o – Why did the “ Clan of D ” oppose Tenryubitos and are the “ Natural Enemies of the Gods ”?


105o – Zoro will make his sword Wadou Ichimonji one “ Kokuto ” ( Black Sword )?

106o – When will the great incident of the Great Fleet of the Clown Hats occur?


107o – What is Kaidou's flashback that justifies him always wanting to commit suicide?

108o – Bobby Funk and Big Mom have their extremely powerful bodies of nacença and are different characters in the work. Where did this power come from?

109o – What is the use of Ferro Sake?


110o – What is Kong's power? What will your personality look like?

111o – What is Smoker's whereabouts? He has not appeared since Dressrosa ( 8 years ago ) in the manga and was injured.

112o – What happened to the Dragons in the kingdom of One Piece? Why apparently do they no longer exist? Why were they trying to replicate them in Punk Hazard?

113o – Who or what Zunisha is and why was he punished? The elephant finds itself wandering due to a crime of which we know nothing. Who told him to wander?

114o – What is the voice of all things?


115o – The past of the 5 Navy Admirals. What are the motivations of each of them?

116o – Will other remnants of Whitebeard appear? Or Whitebeard Allies?

117o – What is the whereabouts of Pekons? Is he alive or dead?

118o – What is the human form of Morgans?

119th – Who married on an island where the Red Pirates went?


120o – Is Weevil really Whitebeard's son? Its origins and the truth about its power and bond?

121o – How is the awakening of the members of the 3-Eyed Tribe? What power could Pudin have?

122o – Loki de Elbaf. What happened to him and what does he really look like?

123o – Why does the name of Sanji's mother and the hero of the comic book Navy have the name Sora?

124o – What is the name of the Elbaf tree?

125o – What is the name of 1 of the 3 races that Big Mom did not have in Totland? One is giant, another Lunaria, and which is the last?


126o – Will we know more parents of Big Mom's children? And will we be shocked?

127o – What happened or where the 3 Eyes Pudding Tribe is hidden?

128o – What was the power of Charlotte Snack, who was considered a General of the Sweetness of Big Mom?

129o – Are Gorouseis eternal like Imu-sama or are they from the current generation of One Piece?


130o – Which “ luz ” which Imu-sama wants to delete?


131o – What is Mary Geose's catacombs straw hat? What is your secret?

132o – Imu-sama. Who is he really? How is connected to the world of One Piece with him. A true mystery “ vivo ”.

133o – What is the egg on Roger's ship?

134o – About which pirate did Shanks comment to the Gorouseis that he had to go to Mary Geoise personally?

135o – Will Luffy have 10 Companions in the pack?


136o – Where is Scopper Gaban?

137o – What is the “ word ” that Roger and Luffy spoke about?


138o – Why does Sanji catch fire? Does he have a Lunary Tribe gene?

139o – What is the whereabouts of 1st generation Kitetsu? He's with Gorousei Santo Ehtanbaron V. Nusjuro?

140o – How important is Momonosuke? Why is it imperative for him to live? Why can only he command Zunisha?


141o – What will be “ Dawn ” of the world awaited by the Minks and the Kouzuki Clan? What is it and how will it arrive? Even Pedro said “ Dawn ”.


142o – What secrets does Orochi's grandmother, Kurozumi Hugurashi, have? How did she meet Shiki and Stussy? How did she know about the world outside?

143o – What happened in Rocky Port between Law, Coby, Blackbeard and Ochoku?

144o – God Valley. What happened and motivated the accident involving Garp, Rocks and Roger? What happened to the island?

145o – Is the song “ Princess of the Moon ” sung by Kouzuki Toki refer to “ Nine Shadows ” were the Red Balls really? Or is it a group in the future?

146o – Where is Laugh Tale?


147o – Why did Roger say he arrived too early?


148o – Why did Shanks cry when Roger returned from Laugh Tale?

149o – Where was Toki born?


150o – What was “ Death / Shinigami ” who appeared in front of Zoro at the end of the fight against King?


151o – Why does Big Mom say that “ part of One Piece ” is in Wano?


152o – What disease affected Buggy before arriving in Laugh Tale? He was Akuma's only user in Roger's gang Mi.

153o – Why Gol D. Roger laughed when he arrived at Laugh Tale? What did he see?

154o – What will Ochoku be like and “ Silver Ax ” by Pirates Rocks?

155o – Rocks D. Xebec? What happened to him and who was he? What is your power? Did he really die?

156o – Why was Sword founded? Who is her leader?

157th – Will we see the flashback of God Valley with the end of the Pirates Rocks?

158o – How is it possible for the Blackbeard Pirates to steal Akuma no Mis? Does each of them have more than one Akuma in Mi?

159o – Blackbeard: How can he steal fruit? How did Blackbeard steal Whitebeard's skill? Is it exclusive only to Blackbeard?

160o – Why is it said that Blackbeard has a different body in One Piece? Why doesn't he sleep? What race is he from?


161o – What is the reward of all Blackbeard Pirates?

162o – What is Blackbeard's past and all his intentions?

163o – What is the ratio of Blackbeard and Rocks D. Xebec?

164o – What Blackbeard did in Egg Head? How will it cause there?

165o – What are the motivations / past of each Blackbeard Pirate?

166th – How did Blackbeard defeat Ace? Magellan? Law? What is your asset?

167o – Will we have flashback from the Lunary people? The people of Oars?

168o – Where are Roger's other crew?

169o – What is Drake's whereabouts? Where will he appear?


170o – What material are Poneglyphs made of?

171o – Why didn't Momonosuke want to open Wano's borders?

172o – What was the original name of the island of Onigashima?

173o – Why did only Tobiroppos have horns since they were children and were not ornaments? Are they from the Oni race? Will we know more about the Oni race?

174o – Akuma no Mis guardians are born only in one country, like the fruits of Shaka, Pell and Yamato? What explains that?


175o – Kaidou and Big Mom died?

176o – Why is Oars considered “ Continent Handler ”? Does it have to do with Wano Country?

177o – Who is Yamato's mother? What is your flashback?

178o – What will the last Lodestar Island be indicated by Log Poses at the end of the Grand Line?

179o – What is the name of the Akuma in the Mis of the remaining Supernovae? Bonney and Urouge?

180o – What is the purpose of Aokiji? Why did he decide to join the Blackbeard Pirates and what is the reason that leads him to help him?


181o – How will the 4th Road Poneglyph be found? In what circumstances? How does the Burn Scar Man guard him and why do swirls happen near his boat? Is the Poneglyph Road from the Island of Tritons?

182o – Why did the robot invade Mary Geoise 200 years ago? The old robot found in Egghead. It was used to attack Marijoa about 200 years ago, but it was built 900 years before history and moved thanks to mysterious energy.

183o – What is the man with the burn scar? Who is he?


184o – What is the meaning of Dragon's face tattoo?

185o – What is the special breed of Kuma?


186o – Who is Luffy's Mother? How did she meet Dragon? Why does Luffy have the trauma of being alone as a child?

187o – Is there a sailor missing from this image? Is Dragon in it?

188o – The Akuma no Mis reasons behind their effects? Although Vegapunk gave an answer, it still remains its “ theory ”.


189o – Why was Shanks found in a treasure chest in God Valley and what is his current motive?


190o – Why did Shanks and his friends stay in Vila Fusha for a long time?

191o – What will the flashback of the history of the Nefertari Royal Family in Alabasta look like. King Cobra is from the 12th Generation. Why did the Nefertari family reject being Tenryubito?

192o – Is there a way for an ordinary person to become Tenryubito?


193o – What is the mysterious power that the Imu-sama uses to destroy the Lulusia Kingdom?

194o – How is the machine that a great archaeologist in the past found from the “ Lost Century ”?


195o – What is the secret of Bonney and Kuma's past hidden in the Vegapunk room she saw?

196o – What is Hibari's link with Akainu? She is the only character who speaks to the Akainu dialect.

197o – What will happen to the Pirates Barto Club when they attacked a territory of the Pirates of the Red?


198o – How will Gecko Moriah appear in history? We know that he is still alive in Hachinosu and imprisoned.


199o – Where's Roger's Oro Jackson ship?

200o – What is the name of all 20 families in Tenryubitos?

201o – What is the reward of all Shanks Pirates?

202o – Did Shanks know that that fruit was Nika's before meeting Luffy?

203o – Why did Kuma return to Mary Geoise recently?

204o – What are Stussy's wings? Is it a race or Akuma no Mi?


205o – Why is the incident at “ Egg Head ” an unimaginable shock?


206o – Can logs be awakened? Why does Vegapunk say it is very difficult to replicate them?


207o – What are the powers of the Gorouseis?

208o – Who was the Pirate Empress of Kuja Island from 1 generation ago?


209o – How important will Bellamy be with flags in the final battle of One Piece? He owns a Luffy Vivre Card.


210o – Will Bon Clay find Luffy again?


211o – When will Vivi meet the Clown Hats? And where will it be?

212o – Did the Kid Pirates die?

213o – What is the phrase hidden in the letter by Nerfertari Lili?


214o – Where is the Fastama Hall in Mary Geoise? What's in there?


215o – What is the power of Imu-sama?


216o – Who from the World Government erased the name of the Nika Fruit and hid it from the Gorouseis? Was it the same one who wrote the Encyclopedia of Akuma No Mis?


217o – What are the remaining sailors from the Chinese horoscope nicknames? Missing 5: Mouse, Dragon, Snake, Goat, Rooster.

218o – What will the holy knights be like?


219th – Why was Figarland Garland the King / Governor / God Valley Champion? Why can he judge the Tenryubitos?

220o – Will Yamato join Luffy's pack or not?

221o – What will Koby's outcome be like with Luffy? Will he be an Admiral at the end of One Piece?

222o – Helmepo will arrest his father, Morgan Handshake?

223o – When will Uusopp and Yasopp really meet? Where will it be?

224o – When will Shanks and Luffy meet?

225o – When will Zoro and Mihawk be rematched? What island will it be on?

226o – Who is the eye-covered pirate that Oda mentioned that will only appear when One Piece is almost finished?

227o – What is Luffy's final dream? Told to Ace, Sabo, Shanks and the Mugiwaras, but still unknown to readers.